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SEO Tanzania with Webmaster Tanzania

We provide online website marketing or SEO to improve Google ranking and therefore web traffic will increase. We guarantee to improve the web traffic by 3-5 times or even more

Work to be done include the following:

  1. Use at least 60 minutes each business day to do website management duties as mentioned in 2-13 below:
  2. Updating the wording like spelling check and page relevancy for SEO
  3. Updating the images for good layout and relevancy to SEO
  4. Moving page content around to achieve relevancy to SEO
  5. Replacing unwanted items
  6. Adding daily, weekly and monthly news, posts etc (texts and images only)
  7. Replacing pages limited to 3 pages/day
  8. Scripts updating for CMS based websites to prevent cyber attack
  9. Hardening the website to prevent cyber attack
  10. Optimizing the website to achieve more than 80% PageSpeed and YSlow meters, less than 6seconds page load time, less than 1.8MB of page size and less than 70 requests made which are good parameters for good SEO
  11. Creating and optimizing at least 5 popular social media accounts.
  12. Performing Weekly Online Marketing (Social media, directory listing and email marketing)
  13. Weekly and Monthly webmaster reporting on any work done plus recommendations (if any)
Fee of TZS. 1,200,000/= for three months. 
*Traffic guaranteed 3-5 times
The details of the information above can be found here: